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Resistance by Design x Warnock

Every Vote is Sacred

Resistance by Design is deeply inspired by Senator Warnock's work to protect the vote and his passionate advocacy for voting rights. From his very first Senate floor speech, Senator Warnock has displayed the courage of his convictions when it comes to ensuring that everyone who wants to vote can. As a pastor, Senator Warnock understands that a vote is like a prayer, and that "Every Vote is Sacred."

The shirt is available now in the Warnock campaign's online store, and each purchase is a contribution to Warnock for Georgia.

This is Not a Drill: Democracy is in Jeopardy

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Republicans are doing all they can to push voter suppression laws, partisan gerrymandering and a widespread conservative agenda that threatens our civil rights, including bodily autonomy. 

 It has never been more clear: we need to mobilize.